Somewhere in Montana

The Great Falls Public Library is hosting an evening with Bill Old Chief, author of Somewhere in Montana: A Spiritual Awakening in Blackfeet Country on Thursday, May 5, 7:00 pm.  “The stories in this book are real stories that have shaped my life and focus of my future,” Old Chief has reflected.  He promised readers they will laugh, cry and desire more in their lives when reading his work.  Old Chief is now serving his second term as a member of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council.  He is a veteran of both the army and the National Park Service.

 Books will be available for purchase. 



The World in which We Live

 The Great Falls Public Library is hosting a three part film series on Thursdays beginning in May.  These documentary films are from the library of P.O.V. (Point Of View), a PBS subsidiary.  The films are entertaining as well as socially relevant.  These screenings are free and open to the public.  The schedule is as follows:


Thursday, May 26, 7:00 pm

Special Flight             Special Flight is a dramatic account of the plight of undocumented foreigners at the Frambois detention center in Geneva, Switzerland, and of the wardens who struggle to reconcile humane values with the harsh realities of a strict deportation system. The film, made in Switzerland, is a heart-wrenching exposé of the contradictions between the country's compassionate social policies and the intractability of its immigration laws.


Thursday, June 2, 7:00 pm

My Way to Olympia    Who better to cover the Paralympics, the international sporting event for athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities, than Niko von Glasow, the world's best-known disabled filmmaker? Born with severely shortened arms, von Glasow serves as an endearing guide to London's Paralympics competition in My Way to Olympia. Official Selection of the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival.


Thursday, June 23, 7:00 pm

Soldiers of Conscience           When is it right to kill? In the midst of war, is it right to refuse? Eight U.S. soldiers today, some who killed and some who said no, reveal their inner moral dilemmas in Soldiers of Conscience. Made with official permission of the U.S. Army, the film transcends politics to explore the tension between spiritual values and military orders.  The film follows the stories of both conscientious objectors and those who criticize them. Through this clash of views, the film discovers a surprising common ground: all soldiers are "soldiers of conscience," torn between the demands of duty and the call of conscience.


Thursday, June 30, 7:00 pm

Cutie and the Boxer   The Academy Award®-nominated Cutie and the Boxer is a moving account of the chaotic and unconventional 40-year love affair and creative partnership between action painter Ushio Shinohara and his wife, Noriko, also an artist. Ushio, who punches canvases with paint-laden gloves, is famous in Japan and in Manhattan’s art circles, yet wider recognition has eluded him. Noriko, 21 years his junior, put her artistic ambitions on hold to be a wife and mother — and an assistant to her demanding husband. Winner, Directing Award: U.S. Documentary, 2013 Sundance Film Festival.



The Skinny Wallet

The Great Falls Public Library and Rural Dynamics are co-sponsoring a 12-part workshop series covering all aspects of financial literacy.  Classes are highly interactive, engaging, and lots of fun.  Bring your questions and lots of enthusiasm as you learn to get the most out of your money!

 Classes will be held at the Great Falls Public Library on the first Tuesday of each month .

The Great Falls Public Library is hosting Summer Red from Rural Dynamics as she presents The Skinny Wallet on Tuesday, May 3, 5:30 pm at the library.  Monthly installments of this ongoing series help to provide people with sound financial strategies.  Come with questions and topics you would like to focus on.  This program is free and open to the public.


Realistic Resolutions (January) – Start your new year right with S.M.A.R.T. resolutions that will help you make lasting and meaningful changes in your life!
Get the Most Out of Your Refund (February) – It’s tax season!  Learn how to get your taxes done for free, then get the most out of your refund with smart planning.
The Future Starts Now (March) – As spring dawns, it’s the perfect time to learn everything you need for a successful future.  Maximize your savings with savings plans and long-term goal setting!
Make the Most out of Your Money (April) – How’s your spending?  If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t have enough money to pay your bills, this class will teach you how to stretch your dollar to cover all of your costs!
Travel on a Dime (May) – Getting ready for a vacation?  Learn all the tips and tricks to slash travel costs, with lots of examples of little-known low-cost destinations!
Protect Your Assets (June) – Do you know what to do if your identity is stolen?  What if you lose everything in a fire?  This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about protecting your assets!
The Rules of Retirement (July) – Learn everything you need to know about retirement, in one of the most important workshops of the year!  We’ll be covering retirement plans, what’s going on with Social Security, and how investing works.
Credit 101 (August) – How’s your credit?  This workshop will teach you what credit is, why it’s important, and innovative ways to build great credit.
How to Fix Your Credit (September) – Do you have bad credit?  Learn everything you need to know about what credit scores are and how to make your score better.
Teach Your Kids about Money (October) – Help your kids build a strong financial foundations with these innovative ways to teach your kids about money!
Smarter Spending for the Holidays (November) – It’s holiday season!  Save time and money with smarter spending.  Learn all the ways that stores try to trick you into spending more and avoid the holiday spending trap with creative present ideas!
Defeating Debt with Snowballing (December) – Are you drowning in debt?  Learn how to get above water with powerful debt repayment strategies!

 Explore, Discover, Connect:
An evening of TED Talks and Lively Discussion

TEDxGreatFallsLibrary concludes for the season on Tuesday May 17, 7:00 pm with Creativity.  This program is free and open to the public.


TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out in 1984 as a conference

bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design.

TED has created a program called TEDx.  TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.  TEDxGreatFallsLibrary is an independently organized event licensed by TED.  This event continues on the third Tuesday of each month.  Each month we will show several TED Talks videos featuring experts in their fields sharing cutting edge ideas, innovation, and progressive ways of applying expertise for the betterment of society.  A lively discussion will follow.

May’s selections for Creativity are

On Flow by Mihaly Csiksczent

Your Elusive Creative Genius by Elizabeth Gilbert

My Year of Saying Yes to Everything by Shonda Rhimes

For more information of this new event check our website at or by calling 453-0349.  Visit our Facebook page at and tweet us on Twitter at



Friends of the Great Falls Public Library Book Sale
In preparation for the Friends of the Great Falls Public Library annual spring book sale, which takes place in May, the group is now accepting donations.  Donations may be brought into the library at any time during library hours.  The group is also holding Donation Days to accommodate larger donations and/or to provide assistance with donations.  If you choose to bring your items in on these days, you go to the alley entrance of the library. 
The Donation Day schedule is as follows:
Saturday, January 30                       10 am – 2 pm
Saturday, February 27                     10 am – 2 pm
Saturday, March 26                          10 am – 2 pm
Saturday, April 16                            10 am – 2 pm
Saturday, April 30
All donations are appreciated, but the following will not be accepted:
Text Books
Condensed Reader’s Digests
VHS Tapes
Audio Cassettes
Items in Poor Condition
For more information call 453-0349. 




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