Staff Book Reviews-Shannon

Reviews by Shannon Smith, Library Clerk

Easter Under Wraps, Video recording

Director: Gary Yates

By: Shannon Smith, Library Clerk


Great Spring Film.  Easter Under Wraps is a colorful story of a young lady named Erin

becomes an undercover boss in her family’s chocolate factory.  At the factory she meets

Brian who loves his job as the “head chocolatier”.  Erin is drawn to Brian’s passion for his work

at her family’s company.  Together Brian and Erin create beautiful chocolate creations and a

new relationship.

Little Mole Finds Hope  

Author:  Glenys Nellist

By: Shannon Smith, Library Clerk


A sweet and encouraging book that teaches children and adults how to find hope by using

imagination and looking at what we have around us.

A little mole and his mother venture out of their burrow after a long winter.  They see what

Spring will bring.

Great discussion guide and tips at the end of the story.

Blue Jasmine, video recording

Written and Directed by: Woody Allen

By: Shannon Smith, Library Clerk



Cate Blanchett does an excellent job of playing Jasmine.  Jasmine is a woman who lives a very

rich and privileged life but loses everything when her successful financier husband is arrested

for fraud.

Jasmine moves to San Francisco to live with her sister for a fresh start.  Jasmine begins

drinking heavily and has the habit of talking to herself.  She quits her new job in

San Francisco as a dental receptionist and starts dating a wealthy man she meets at a party.

Jasmine’s fabricated stories ruin her new relationship and she is left with being alone and

having to start all over again.  This film illustrates how quickly your financial picture and

a personal relationship can change.