Seed Exchange

Welcome to the Seed Exchange!

The Great Falls Public Library Seed Exchange offers open pollinated seeds at no cost to those with a library account. We encourage participants in the Exchange to sow, save and share their seeds. There will be classes in the late winter and early fall to teach proper seed saving techniques. Our hope is that many seed borrowers will learn how to save seeds and bring them back at harvest time. The more people who participate the more we can preserve the biodiversity of our community.

Borrowing Seeds

The seeds you borrow from the Seed Exchange are lent to you at no financial cost, and yet they are priceless. A commitment to growing plants from seeds is a gift to yourself. We hope you learn much, experience the joy of gardening, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. At harvest time, please take some extra steps to save seeds for others. We ask that a portion of the seeds you save be returned to the Seed Exchange to keep the it self-sustaining. The more seeds in the exchange, the more members of our community can experience the pleasures of growing their own food.

Why Save Seeds

Humans have been saving seeds for over 12,000 years. However, in our culture much of that knowledge has been lost over the last hundred years, along with significant biodiversity. When you grow and save your own seeds, you

  • develop seed stock that is well suited to our climate
  • save money
  • mitigate our dependence on agro-business

When you participate in the Seed Exchange, you create a culture of sharing and abundance.