Staff Book Reviews-Lauren

Books Reviewed by Lauren Newman, Library Clerk

Wolf Pack

Author: C.J. Box

By: Lauren Newman, Library Clerk

Adult fiction, 371 pages

Joe Pickett finds out a drone, belonging to a mysterious man, is killing wildlife. When Joe tries to laydown the rules, he is unexpectedly asked to hold back by the FBI and DOJ and he becomes more suspicious. When bodies start piling up in and around his district, he realizes he may be dealing with the Wolf Pack, 4 evil assassins. The book is filled with excitement, sadness, and happiness with a fantastic ending. The story is unpredictable making it hard to put down.

The Nowhere Child

Author: Christian White

By: Lauren Newman, Library Clerk

Adult, 371 pages

Christian White wrote and awesome debut novel!  The story immediately starts with a surprise and continues on with twists and turns on every page!  This novel is a real page turner!

In 1990, Sammy Went, disappeared from her home in Manson, Kentucky and it tore her parents apart!  Over 25 years later an American accountant approaches Kim Leamy, a 28-year old photography teacher, who was living in Australia.  He believes that she is the missing child and she begins to try and prove those allegations.  Take a journey with Kim through the past to the present to discover the truth of the story of her life.

This storyline is exciting and as the plot thickens and each character comes to light for the role they play, it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering if she is the missing child!  You will read every word to the very end that ties everything together!

Love And Sunshine


Review by Lauren Newman, Library Clerk

Ally Craig is dealing with a broken engagement as she fosters a retired military dog while his owner is deployed. Sparks start flying when the owner, a very friendly, outgoing Airman, returns to get the dog. This is a great love story that shows wonderful chemistry between the main characters.


By T.M. Logan

Reviewed by Lauren Newman, Library Clerk

415 pages, Adult Fiction

Joe Lynch surprisingly sees his wife’s car ahead of him while heading home from work. He decides to follow her and ends up seeing her secretly meeting with another man. This meeting leads to tearing two families apart and Joe dealing with an evil killer that wants to destroy his life. The characters are very realistic. There are multiple twists and truns in the story and the final ending is a complete surprise.

Title:  Jillian Michaels 10-Minute Body Transformation

By: Lauren Newman, Library Clerk

DVD, Adult

This DVD consists of 5 10-minute workouts, a warm up, and a cool down. Each workout is a different type of workout that focuses on different muscles. It works well for people who are short on time because they can choose one 10-minute workout a day. People who don’t have to worry about time can do as many of the workouts as they want each day. It also includes trainers modifying the movements, making them harder and easier.




Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno

By: Lauren Newman, Library Clerk

DVD, Adult

Yoga Inferno is a yoga inspired workout. It includes 2 30-minute workouts. The first workout is equipment free. The second workout includes a set of light dumbbells. During the workouts, Jillian moves quickly from one yoga pose to another, while adding in cardio intervals and moves that build strength. They are fast paced workouts. There are 2 other trainers modifying the exercises and poses to make it easier and harder. It’s a great way to work on balance, flexibility, and strength.



The Core 4

Author: Steph Gaudreau

By: Lauren Newman, Library Clerk

Adult non-fiction, 295 pages

This book includes detailed ways to nourish the mind and the body. Men and women can use the book. There is a 30-day program to follow that includes specific exercises, foods, and recipes. It also includes pictures followed by an explanation of each exercise on the day they are used. The book contains all of the information needed to make it a successful 30-day program!