Dungeons and Dragons

Attention heroes! Dungeons & Dragons is a table-top role playing game that builds creativity, problem-solving, cooperation and social skills, and will even help you practice your math! 

The Great Falls Public Library volunteer Dungeon Masters run 3 campaigns per year for preteens and teens 10-18 years old. Our spring campaign starts in March, our summer campaign starts in June, and our fall campaign starts in September. Each campaign is 8 weeks long. A snack is provided, and ASL interpretation is available. This is a very popular program, and we apologize that spaces are sometimes limited.

Click here to view our events calendar. 

For more information about D&D or to sign up for the D&D email list, please contact Rae: rmcfadden@greatfallslibrary.org (406) 453-0349, ext. 215

Our D&D program is growing! We are looking for Dungeon Masters age 16 and up, especially those with experience running games for kids and teens. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for our D&D program, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Aaron Kueffler:


(406) 453-0349, ext. 219