Staff Book Reviews-Jess

Reviews by Jess Damyanovich, Bookmobile Driver


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River Boy: The Story Of Mark Twain By William Anderson

Audience: Stella and Ivan; more generally, grades 2-5.

Pages: 30

We enjoyed this biography about Mark Twain. We didn’t realize his birth name was Samuel Clemens. It sounds like Samuel lived an amazing, adventurous life. So interesting that his two most popular books were based on adventures from his youth. He sounds like a remarkable man, and many people adored him and his humor. A great role model for a life well-lived…if only we could time travel to the late 1800s and meet him ourselves!

He was born when Halley’s Comet flashed through the night sky, and passed away seventy-six years later, on the day Halley’s passed through our skies once again!

Roblox: Where’s The NOOB? By Craig Jelley

Audience: Stella and Ivan, more generally, Children grades 4-6

(Number of pages not included)

A modern day Where’s Waldo for fans of Roblox characters. Stella and Ivan enjoyed searching the “socially chaotic” pages for not only the NOOB, but other characters and items suggested in the last few pages. The kids love the colorful pages and the challenge of finding the NOOB.

What in the world is a NOOB?! According to Stella, it’s a “newbie” to the game. In this book the “newbie” appears to be a good guy who’s causing a disturbance in these popular game worlds. That would make Stella and Ivan NOOBs! They don’t play the game, but they do enjoy the characters and collecting the figures. So even if kids don’t play video games, they sure can be inspired by the design and characters of them.

Gardentopia: Design Basics for Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Author: Jan Johnson

By: Jess Damyanovich, Bookmobile Driver

Adult, 286 Pages

“Gradually and silently the charm comes over us; we know not exactly where or how…” Frederick Law Olmstead

This book is a beautiful inspiration for tips in creating an inspiring outdoor space.  It focuses on 135 different tips or options to bring appeal to an outdoor space.  It helps you to think “out of the box” in terms on ways to pull your eye throughout a space and use what is already there and species of plants that can add to the appeal!

It’s that time of year!  I want to get creative and add new elements to our outdoor space.  The months are few…let’s make the most of them!