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Q: How do I get a library card?

Stop by the library at 301 2nd Ave North and show your current Cascade County ID or ID with proof of county address. Please call with any questions. 406-453-0349.

Q: How do I get a card if I am under the age of 18?

  1. Bring your parent or legal guardian down to the Great Falls Public Library at 301 2 Avenue North and stop at the first floor checkout desk.
  2. Have your parent or legal guardian fill out the library card application.
  3. Have your parent or legal guardian show us a picture id (driver’s license, military id …) and proof of their current address.  If their current address isn’t on their id, they can just bring in a piece of mail or a bill that does show their address.
    NOTE:  Your parent or guardian has to sign that they will be responsible for lost materials on your card. *We are a fine free library. There are no overdue fines.

Q: How do I get a card if I live outside Cascade County?

A: Montana residents who reside outside of Cascade County can purchase a library card for $30.00.  Non-resident cards are valid for one year.  Under special circumstances, non-residents can purchase a temporary library card for $10.00.   The card is valid for three months and can be renewed for an additional $10.00.  Persons with a temporary card may checkout a maximum of 4 items at a time.

Q: How do I get a card if I’m stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base?

A: All active military personnel stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base and their dependents are eligible for library cards.  Just bring in your active duty military identification.

Q: How do I get a new card if mine is lost or stolen?

A: Just stop at the 1st floor checkout desk, show us a picture ID and we can issue you a new card.  We charge $1.00 for a replacement card.

Q: How long can I keep materials?

A: Most patrons can keep materials for four weeks.  Persons in our Homebound Program can keep materials for three months. You can renew your library materials 2 times, as long as no one else has a hold on the items. Interlibrary Loans may be renewed on a case by case basis.

Q: How many materials can I checkout?

A: During the first three months that you have your card, you can checkout up to four items.  After the first three months, you can checkout up to twenty items.  Persons with an institutional card may checkout up to 75 items.

Q: How do I apply for a homebound card?

A: A person who is unable to physically come into the library but wishes to register for a library card qualifies for a homebound card.  We have volunteers to assist anyone who is homebound.  The volunteer can checkout items on the patron’s homebound card and deliver them to  the homebound patron.  To find out more please contact our Homebound Volunteer Coordinator, Carol Birckhead at 727-1229.

Q: How do I get an institutional card?

A: An institutional card enables a representative of schools, daycares, homeschools or similar establishments to have additional materials for an extended length of time for educational purposes.  The representative must have picture identification and a letter on letterhead stating that said institution employs them.  A home school applicant must provide picture identification and a copy of their Cascade County Home School Registration form.

Q: Can I still checkout items if I have books that are overdue (late being returned)?

A: You cannot checkout any more items if you have items that are overdue.  If you have overdue items you can try to renew them.  Renewing items allows you check it out for an additional amount of time. You may renew items twice.  You cannot renew an item if another person has a hold on it.

Q: Can I still checkout items if I have lost or damaged item fees?

A: In order to be able to checkout again, you must pay down your fees to below $5.00, or set up a payment plan with library.   If you are making regular payments on a payment plan, you may continue to checkout.

Q: How much are overdue fines?

A: We are a fine free library. There are no overdue fines.

Q: How do I place a hold?

  1. Call the library at 453-0349.  Ask one of the helpful staff to place the hold for you.
  2. Come to the library at 301 2nd Ave. North, and ask one of the helpful staff to place the hold for you.
  3. Place a hold using our online public access catalog.

Q: How do I reserve a meeting room?

A: We currently are taking reservations for meeting rooms. The rooms will be available starting May 25. Please call 406-453-0349 for further assistance.