Friends of the Library

Become a Friend of the Library

Who we are:

Friends of the Library is a volunteer organization that values, supports and champions the public library.

What we do:

We organize events, fund special projects and advocate for the Great Falls Public Library.

Each spring the Friends hold an annual book sale, whose proceeds fund various library projects our budget won’t cover.  Funds have been used to sponsor various cultural events, such as Montana Repertory Theatre’s annual production and the Music in the Library Park; the purchase of two interactive computers for the Kids’ Place, a collection of Large Print “gentle reads” for the Fiction collection, and newly painted walls for the Kids’ Place 2016 renovation.

How to join:

Please call 406-453-0349 for more information


As a Friends’ member you can choose your own level of involvement.

You may opt for an active role, such as attending meetings, volunteering, organizing and working on projects, or you may prefer to support the library through membership dues alone.

Whatever you choose, your involvement is important to the library and the community.