Armchair Adventure Series

Armchair Adventure Series

In January GFPL is hosting a three-part travel/adventure series.  This series is free and open to the public.  The schedule follows.


Thursday, January 11, 7 pm

Exploring Caves in Montana

with Zach Angstead

Central Montana is home to some of the richest cave country in the state.  Zach will delve deep into Montana’s caving scene from the Little Belts to the Bob Marshall, all the way to the Little Rocky Mountains.  Hear the latest on cave conservation issues and what you can do to help.


Zach has been caving for 12 years, is a board member for the Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto (Montana’s only cave club), the Great Falls region coordinator and the director of the Central Montana Cave Survey.


Thursday, January 18, 7 pm


with Ann Dues

Ann and her husband Gary are prolific travelers.  Ann will share stories and images from her two most recent trips.


Thursday, January 25, 7 pm


with Ann Dues

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