Waking the Dead Tickets now available at GFPL!

Waking the Dead Tickets now available at GFPL!


Tickets for the Seventh Annual Waking the Dead tours at Highland Cemetery, 2010 33rd Avenue South in Great Falls, are now available.

The tours, sponsored by the Paris Gibson Month Celebration Committee in cooperation with the City of Great Falls Park and Recreation Department, will be held Sunday, June 25 at 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

Tickets to ride are $15 and to walk are $10.  They may be purchased at the Great Falls Public Library, 301 2nd Ave. No., the City Park and Recreation Department, 1700 River Dr. No., and at Kaufmans Menswear, 411Central Ave.

People will be transported by three trailers, pulled by trucks provided by Hoven Equipment.  Hay bales for the trailers will be provided by Elliot Merja of Sun River.  Those who prefer to walk will accompany the trailers.


Graves to be featured and their storytellers are:


Paris Gibson, founder of Great Falls                  Channing Hartelius

Whitman “Vinegar” Jones, first builder and      Warren Kukay, Great Grandson

contractor in Great Falls


Ed Shields, Cascade Co. Sheriff, Great Falls Mayor             Bill Zins, Great Nephew

Charlie and Nancy Russell, cowboy artist/wife            Bill Bronson and Mary Jane Bradbury

Josephine Trigg, Great Falls Librarian                          Karen Conway

Edwin Norris, Montana Governor                                Dirk Larsen.

WWI Veteran Royal Caulfield                                     Mike Winters

Robert Vaughn, founder of Vaughn, MT                     Cory Larsen

William Ulm, founder of Ulm, MT                   Greg Kinder

Donald Goodman Holt, world champion  bull rider       Austin Haney

Mary Little, early Great Falls woman entrepreneur     Shelby Smith

H.P. Rolfe, surveyed Great Falls                                  Ken Robison

George Montgomery, actor                                           Elliot Merja, Nephew


Tour hosts will be Mary Ann Cosgrove, Eric Stoverud and Norma Ashby.

Cars will park in the field inside the cemetery gate where the three trailers will be waiting to be loaded.  Because tour seating is limited, people are encouraged to get their tickets early and be at the cemetery at least 15 minutes before the tours begin.

Tour participants will be given maps of the tour route; maps were designed by Dan Perbil, and printed by the Great Falls Tribune.  They will also receive free booklets containing histories of the featured people on the tour, written by Eric Stoverud and Norma Ashby.   The booklets are provided by Croxford Funeral Home & Crematory.  The storytellers’ remarks will be filmed by Max Murray of Murmax Productions with copies given to the storytellers, Great Falls Public Library and to the History Museum, compliments of Montana Granite Industries.  Porta Potties will be made available by Palagi Plumbing.

Each of the featured graves will be marked by a sign donated by Kelly’s Signs.  The date of the tours is scheduled on the Sunday afternoon closest to the birthday of Great Falls Founder Paris Gibson which is July 1.  This year marks his 187th birthday.

Proceeds from the tours will be donated to the People’s Park and Recreation Foundation.  In the past, proceeds have been used to paint the bandshell in Gibson Park and to purchase trees in Highland Cemetery.

For further information call Norma Ashby, tours chairman, 453-7078.


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